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Dr. Dominique Valade is a French neurologist,

Eminent French neurologist, creator and manager of the first Emergency Headache Unit in the world to Lariboisière Hospital in Paris.

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Migraine is a particular form of headache (headache). It is manifested by seizures that can last from several hours to several days. The frequency of attacks varies from one person to another, ranging from several seizures per week to a crisis a year or less.

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Tension Headaches

A tension headache is a particular type of headache, often chronic, non-pulsatile (unlike migraines). It can have different causes, due to muscular and skeletal problems cervical, psychosomatic or related to stress.

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Cluster Headache

The cluster headache the face (AVF) is an acute form of essential headache. This is a rare, extremely painful and debilitating for the sufferer. It occurs on one half of the head. The Americans cynically nicknamed the Boss' Headache ( "boss headache"). More dramatically, it is nicknamed the "suicide headache" as the violence of the attacks and their frequency infernal make the lives of people with the disease, about 0.2% of the population.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia, or trigeminal neuralgia, or trigeminal neuralgia or formerly called "painful tic Keychain" (corresponding to a tension of the face under the effect of pain) or epileptiform neuralgia (Trousseau) is a known affection for the mid-seventeenth century.

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Medication Overuse Headaches

Drug abuse is excessive medication. In the case of migraine, this is an abuse of pain medication that the migraineurs takes believing do well. As the pain does not pass, the person uses more and more medicines.

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Facial Pain

Extra-oral pain or persistent intraoral and continues (often felt in the deep tissues), variable intensity. Also referred continues orofacial neuropathic pain (formerly known toothache atypical, atypical facial pain or sore ghost teeth).